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meeting that has not been talked about? i just want to make sure we're all on the same page. okay. commissioner avalos. >> i think perhaps just having real brief understanding of what the opposition would be and how we might be able to move forward, cognizant of what the opposition looks like and the strategy at the early stage expect to have in place. i don't mean opposition from people who do not sign up for the program or who would opt out, but from the pg&e of the world and other groups. >> and on that note one question that i had was whether or not at some point -- i don't know if it's something that should be done at a joint meeting, but maybe it's something that could be looked at here at lafco, but it's the idea of what were
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some of the challenges that marin for instance faced as they were implementing their program? i don't know if that is something that could be a part of a presentation to the joint two bodies. i don't know if you have thoughts about that. >> i do have one thought about that. don't forget since marin launched their program working together with marin, senator leno proposed legislation that includes a code of contact for caa's and the under lying utility so there are new rules that weren't in place when marin launched their program governing that level of engagement and the conduct of the utility and the caa, so there -- i think it's useful to spend time briefing folks on the rules of
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engagement are from that legislative effort as much as we know them, but it won't be exactly the same experience because of that. >> well i think that it would be helpful to have that context. i think that would be useful -- i imagine for both commissions to do that. ms. miller. >> and i am just assuming and barbara i know we will talk off line that we will have an update on shell and mobile energy if there are issues or status of where we are with those two contracts. >> great. colleague any other questions? again we want to thank staff and puc for their presentation. we have taken public comment on this item. why don't we now go to item six. >> item six public comment. members of the public may address the commission on matters that are within their
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jurisdiction and not on today's agenda. >> any public comment? seeing none public comment is closed. item seven. >> item seven future agenda items. >> and now i would like -- oh commissioner avalos. >> sure. thank you chair campos. just -- i of having ongoing conversations with mr. fried and i thought the commission would like to know about them. i have been exploring over the last year and a half the creation of a municipal bank in san francisco. one idea about the bank we're creating another separate government authority that could be under the purview of lafco and i want to see if we have some sense on the commission to be able to allow for jason to help us explore this a little bit further. there are a lot
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of regulatory and legal issues and we have the city were attorney asking questions for us and but there might be something else for us to roll something out or the ways we actually use the government dollars and programs that offer loans to small businesses or community organizations to do work in the city and i think it's worth exploring what the context is we're in now to something that could be in place later, so i wanted to throw that out there that jason could be helpful for that effort. >> commissioners, any thoughts on that before we turn to public comment? >> i think it's a great idea to do that and i think it's something that lafco could definitely be very helpful o the one suggestion i would have which is in addition to this is that even as that work begins i
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would like to schedule as an agenda item a work land for lafco or at least a work plan for the coming year so we as a commission can have a discussion about what -- besides overseeing the implementation of caa working on this municipal bank, what other things we want to tackle, and i think by the time that we have that agenda item and have that discussion each of you will have an opportunity to think about some of the things that that you think might be appropriate for us to work on, but i think it would be good for us collectively as a commission to develop a work plan because i think that will not only inform us, but it will certainly guide the work of staff, so unless
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there are comments why don't we open it up to public comment. >> one more time. eric brooks, san francisco green party and our city. i wasn't going to speak on this item until commissioner avalos said the great words that he said. i have worked on a lot of campaigns over the last decade with a lot of progressive groups, and definitely in our top three goals of every group i ever worked with is a municipal bank, so i would say absolutely and i think if you look back at the history of cleanpower sf it took lafco to make sure that moved forward i think it would take lafco to go forward with a municipal bank and it's a regional bank and opportunities with other cities, and especially with regard to the ability of a municipal bank to
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do nonprofit and non interest loans for home ownership, for shall public profits, improving public housing, solving the housing program that we have in the city, low income and housing. it's. >> >> huge and a miewm bank could take us light years and i will second and third what commissioner avalos said. thank you. >> thank you. any other member of the public that would like to speak on item seven? seeing none public comment is closed. mr. fried. >> yeah. i wanted to add -- i am working on a memo for you to understand the areas that we could work on, big picture ways to approach -- trying to think of future topics so i will get that memo to you within the next week and happy to talk to you between now and the next meeting if you have questions. one thing i want to go back to the
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municipal bank issue. in the discussion with commissioner avalos one thing he was pointing out specifically as working on it, but i will need legal advice and counsel from ms. miller and it's lafco staff and not just me focusing on this stuff just to make sure we have that right. >>i think it's appropriate. the timing of this discussion is very appropro and in the next few months we have to approve a budget and come up with something that reflects priorities and we want to make sure in that budget that budget reflects the priorities that we will have and to the extent there is additional work needed on some of the areas whether it's work by legal counsel, but perhaps outside experts as well if that is reflected in that. >> can do.
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>> great. so in terms of moving forward so unless there is any objection i think that's it's appropriate for you to begin that work and to work with commissioner avalos. seeing no other comments madam clerk is there any other -- you call the next item. >> item eight is adjournment. >> great. there is no other business before the commission and the meeting is adjournd and we wish our san francisco giants good luck and let's bring the championship back. meeting adjourned. >> good morning everyone.
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>> morning. >> good morning. >> good morning on this do you feel sunny day that we didn't anticipate. we actually would be outside celebrating if we knew it wasn't going to rain but we want to thank public housing to accommodate so you wouldn't be out in the rain. i am mayor lee new director of domestic violence services. today we have a mazing and important event and we are unveiling a critical center in this community. we will start off with mayors from our city and county mayor lee. please give him a round of applause. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. welcome to sunny dale, our hope sf site, our public housing site, a place we know that people not only want to survive but be part of the
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great city of san francisco so we are investing in people here. some months ago the police chief and me and others announced our effort to make public safety more important in the city and interrupt the violence, interrupt the patterns that we see with horrible months this year and what they're doing in terms of retaliation and violence among themselves. allow the police department to use the technology that they have and do police predictable policing and getting them the tools and the support from the rest of the city that they can do better predictive policing when it comes to crime patterns in the city and what is going on, but the most important part and you will hear this from
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the chief, from deanna and myself is the community organizing. that the strength of any program is investment in our people and that means organizing our communities, faith base communities and different organizations, the tenants right here in sunny dale, the residents here in this valley, all around mclaren park for example and get them organized and working with the community organizations that we fund, with our city department including first five and our human services department, our health department and others all engaged in the same direction with our faith base community to make sure we're working on all the programs and signal to people violence is not the answer. that we have a lot of great programs. that we want our kids to grow up and feel they have hope. whether or not
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they have parents in the household or brothers or sisters guiding them and we have those gaps and people will be cajoled to do things that aren't good for them and that's why it's important to have a center here in sunny dale and we want to say this is the first of resource centers in the city and it's important to establish it right here and get all of the city agencies collaborating but we're not just going to announce a location of the people here are going to do serious outreach to all of the residents that live here and touch them and let them know that we have great services. we also have a great promise to work with people, so the human services agency, the first five program, our visitation valley, family
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services who will be performing a myriad of services here are all works out of the center and we're working with the most important people, the residents of here, and they need to know our city will not give up. we don't allow obstacles to come in. we have this program and we believe everyone working together will build the appropriate trust and faith and we have deliverod that. this year already we worked with community groups like turf and hire individuals who live in public house to do the things we oftentimes contracted out to other people and maybe we get their lives on board. [applause] yes and thanks to the leadership of henry and other members are here and we're working together to do the right thing. we're investing in people and making
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sure that investment is more in roads to peacefulness, more services, more faith that the services can connect people up with positive roads and make sure everybody enjoys a chance to be part of a great city of san francisco. as you know i have been very visible with these world series and our incredible giants but every time i talk to people they say "giants are a great thing. the 49ers is a great thing. the warriors is a great thing. sports is a great thing" but they all say investment in people is the best program and that's why all those groups have programs and everything that is successful in the city represents success by returning investment in people, and that's why residents of sunny dale,
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residents of this area need to feel connected. for the children and people we want to make sure this is a safe area of the city. we are seeing signs of that but we need to keep it going. there are ups and downs and when we're down we're going to gather more tightly together. put more resources and improve the resources to make sure they're qualitatively in line with everything we want to do, so this another representation of our ipo program but the important part is investing in the community and the resource center physically here today is yet again going to take another great stop in offering a myriad of services to everybody but we have to touch everyone. we have to make sure they know about it and believe in it and we will follow through what we committed to. thank you for joining us on this ribbon cutting ceremony. >> thank you mayor lee. again the theme for today is
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organizing for a safer san francisco, so in order to get there and be effective we need to work closely with our social service departments and enforcement agencies together as a solid force so for today i would like to introduce another important individual that made the resource center possible. she's the director of first five and her name is laurel. >> thanks everybody. thank you mayor lee for inviting me today and celebrate the opening of the family resource center and really the newest strategy for violence prevention in this community. before i talk about that i want to thank three people who are visionaries, city funding visionaries with me and that is maria sue. [applause] , [inaudible] in the back from human services agency, and i
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know helen is here somewhere but she oversees the initiative and she is the most tireless advocate for families in san francisco so thank you helen. the family resource center initiative is grounded in the belief that families want what is best for their children. that all segments of society must support families as they raise their children to adulthood. that assuring the well being of family corner stone for all families and responsive to families needs and lynn questic and identity. that helps support parent resiliency, social connections, knowledge of parenting and child development,
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concrete support in times of need, and supporting their social emotional growth of their children. we believe that violence prevention starts very early when children are born and families are young and is accomplished by having these protective factors. the family resource center is one of 25 centers located in the city supported by the human services agency and first five. each resource center provides eight essential services so workshops and classes for parents and their children, parent's support, groups, peer support groups, curriculum based parent education classes, parent leadership, and community building, promoting activities that promote school readiness so children are ready for kindergarten and school success so children are graduating from
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high school. we provide family additional support in navigating the resources and coordinating support in times of need. most importantly family resource centers provide a warm, safe, fun place for families to go where they get respect. they're listened to and they are contributing members of the family resource center, so i am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this violence prevention strategy and i am thrilled that we're starting young, so thank you all, and please support us in the family resource center. thank you. [applause] >> thank you laurel and our next speaker is the executive director of apa, the actual contracted agency to deliver the services here in sunny dale. please welcome our next guest. >> hello everyone. thank you deanna and laurel and certainly mayor lee. i have a lot of
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people to acknowledge because it took a lot to get here. i'm the administrative director of the family service collaborative and we're excited to open one of what we hope will be a number of locations here in visitation valley to provide convenience and access for family support services that we were chodzen to provide. let me introduce our partners. jenny from edgeward packet and family services. ms. lawn and susan murphy and operate the one-stop center. we have patty from the samoan community development center and as deanna mentioned i am executive director of apa family support services and we are the lead agency for the visitation family services collaborative. let me introduce our -- team
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and wearing blue t shirts and we reflect the vibrant diversity of visitation valley and we are comp pent and bilingual and by culture. we have had a long presence in visitation valley and we join them to further enhars the efforts to support family, but i have to tell you apa and edge wood have provided services to residents but we haven't had a physical presence in visitation valley and that has meant that our families have had to travel to chinatown and other locations throughout the city to get services, but they can save that precious time to concentrate on their home, their children and to participate in school in their community. i want to thank henry alva ez and
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they expied our access to this unit. we are proud to be their neighbor here. thanks to me team who got the unit up and ready and running. i want to thank our sister organizations here in sunny dale, turf, mercy housing, the bay view ymca who we have joined to provide a continuum of services: i have to acknowledge the tireless dedication of helen hale, our program office at first five -- yes absolutely. [applause] and along with eric from the department of housing have lent their vision to make sure we succeed. we join others to meet those challenges when families have healthy relationships and children meet their milestones and when families can meet their
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economic needs with meaningful jobs and children go on to higher education or vocational training, when families are safe and connected to others in the community that's when we have addressed the challenges and we are committed to building the community. thank you all very much. [applause] >> thank you. so we wouldn't be real, for lack of a better word, unless we have someone in the community and living in the community and tell the story how important resources of in our community of sunny dale so i would like to introduce a proud mother, a parent, someone who has worked tirelessly for these violence prevention programs maria. >> thank you. thank you mayor lee for inviting me and thank you. as a parent who lives in sunny dale i see a lot of need in my community. we need
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things like better transportation, better education, more jobs, more health services, more family support and safer streets. i want to learn ways to help my daughter succeed in school so that she can have a better life. i want to part of a community where i can get help and people will treat me well. i want to my neighborhood to be safe where we know each other and want to help each other. i believe by having the family resource center in my community this is a great start to meet the needs. i i am here as a mom and single mom trying to make it -- and i am proud of our mayor
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and city. thank you. >> [applause] >> thank you maria. very touching. it brought tears to my eyes. [applause] so we would like to thank everyone that works tirelessly everyday in this community. we would like to first thank the agencies part of the apa collaborative. thank you turf, baby ymca. thank you to all of the agencies working day in, day out. the samoan community center and all the case managers meeting with the families and thank the case manager and how do we complement that work and create a change in the city and
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county of san francisco. we would like to thank public housing, henry allah ez, where are you? thank you for making this space available. we would like to thank the police department and thank you for all of your work and strategy and working with us in reducing violence. we would like to thank wendy from adult probation. we would like to thank william juvenile probation chief. we really want to put a shout out to department of children youth and their families, maria, and the human services agency first five, and of course the public housing commission and everyone else who has worked tirelessly in this endeavor. to move forward formally with unveiling the family resource center we would like to have the officials that spoke to be part of the ribbon cutting outside right in front of the family resource center.
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it will be open for the first time, so if you could all join me and walk with me and mayor lee down to the site and we thank you for all of your time. >> all right. >> before we get started we would like to thank supervisor cohen's office and the director of hope, bevin dufty. >> thank you bevin. >> all right. so this ain't going to cut nothing. >> it's always symbolic that we do it together. hooray for family resource center. >> hooray! [applause]
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